Host the exhibition of the YTAA 2020!

The expo is prepared to be presented in architecture schools and institutions with the aim to discover how architecture studies are being carried forward and to open the debate on how architecture is taught.

There are 3 versions of the exhibition regarding the Europe and the Asia edition: the first version contains the winner, finalist and shortlisted projects of the Europe edition; the second version showcases the winner, finalist and shortlisted projects of the Asia edition; the third one shows together the winner and the finalist projects of both the Europe and Asia editions.

Read more about the expo HERE.

2021 Creative Exchange: Landscapes of Care starts!

March 3rd–5th, 2020

Online >

With the 2021 Creative Exchange, one of the key European events for networking and presentation of architectural ideas, Future Architecture Platform will introduce a new season of its European Architecture Program via a live webcast for the first time.

The Future Architecture Platform, with the support of the Creative Europe program, involves architectural organizations across the continent and links their activities in support of the ideas of emerging creatives from various disciplines that tackle the most pressing challenges in architecture.

Three are the projects of the YTAA that will be part of the CEx2021 on March 4th: “OASI” which will be presented by Álvaro Alcázar Del Águila, “Stage for the City” by Monika Marinova and “Off the Grid” by Willem Hubrechts.

Check out the program HERE.