YTAA 2016

YTAA 2016

The first edition of the Young Talent Architecture Award, the YTAA 2016, received 211 Graduation Projects submissions from over 100 Schools that registered from all over Europe. Within the frame of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, the YTAA 2016 Granting Ceremony took place at Teatro Piccolo Arsenale in Venice on October 28th 2016.

The Jury of the YTAA 2016 analysed all the proposals before meeting in Barcelona on September 30 and October 1 2016. During the meeting they reviewed the panels, drawings, briefs and videos submitted by participants before they drew up a Shortlist of 30 projects. From the Shortlist, the Jury considered 9 Finalist projects representing a broad view of Europe’s next generation of designers’ main interests. From the list of 9 finalists, 3 Winners were chosen. Find here the Jury Proceedings.

YTAA 2016 Exhibition

European Architecture Schools show their Graduation Projects – YTAA 2016 was the exhibition that presented the 211 nominated projects all together. The YTAA 2016 exhibition was shown in 12 occasions:

12.12.16 – 13.02.17
Barcelona, ES
Barcelona School of Architecture
Polytechnic University of Catalonia

21.03.17 – 28.03.17
Bucharest, RO
Faculty of Architecture
“Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism

05.06.17 – 06.06.17
Sofia, BG
Share Sofia 2017
International Architecture and Engineering Forum

07.06.17 – 30.06.17
Neubrandenburg, DE
Department of Landscape Sciences and Geomatics
University of Applied Sciences

16.06.17 – 01.07.17
Málaga, ES
ETS Architecture
Malaga University

10.10.17 – 31.12.17
Shanghai, China
Tongji University

06.10.17 – 03.11.17
Madrid, ES
Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid
Politechnic University of Madrid

01.12.17 – 01.02.18
Cartagena, ES
School of Architecture and Building Engineering
Technical University of Cartagena

01.12.17 – 22.12.17
Ljubljana, SI
Faculty of Architecture
University of Ljubljana

26.02.18 – 12.03.18
Ghent, BE
Faculty of Architecture
KU Leuven

09.03.18 – 23.03.18
Pamplona, ES
School of Architecture
University of Navarre

13.03.18 – 23.04.18
Brussels, BE
Faculty of Architecture
KU Leuven

YTAA 2016 Registered Schools

Jury 2016