YTAA 2020

On November 23rd, the 2020 edition of YTAA has been presented on the occasion of the Young Architects Forum organised by the Architects’ Council of Europe in Barcelona.

YTAA 2020 will accept projects presented and approved by the respective Schools between January 1st, 2018 and December 31st, 2019. The Schools will nominate Graduation Projects that will participate in the YTAA 2020 through an internal selection process. All details are explained in the Rules document, please read it carefully.


November 23 | Launch YTAA 2020


February 24 | Deadline for school’s submissions

April 27 | Deadline for student’s submissions

September 1  |  Shortlisted announcement

September 23  |  Finalists announcement

October 5  | Winners announcement on YTAAwardDay


February  |  Future Architecture Platform

May 22  |  YTAA Exhibition Opening in Venice

September 28 |  YTAA 2020 Awards Ceremony and debate


The jury of the YTAA 2020 is composed of 5 renowned specialists representing diverse schools and trends in the fields of architecture and architectural critique.

YTAA 2020 Registered Schools