YTAA 2018

The YTAA 2018 increased the institutional and geographical span of the award and the number of finalists and winners. Four winners were chosen by an international Jury from a list of twelve finalists. To stimulate the competitiveness and quality of European architectural education, schools from China and South Korea were also invited to participate in YTAA 2018 as guest countries. YTAA 2018 received 334 Graduation Projects submissions from over 118 Schools that registered from all over Europe as well as from China and Korea.

From the Shortlist, the Jury considered 12 finalist projects representing a broad view of Europe’s next generation of designers’ main interests. From the list of 12 Finalists, 4 Winners were chosen. Find here YTAA 18 Jury Proceedings.

YTAA 2018 Exhibition

YTAA 2018 was presented in architecture schools and institutions with an exhibition designed as an easy download and print format. By showing together all the graduation projects participating in YTAA 2018, we had an overview of the topics that had been discussed by students and professors in European schools, with China and South Korea as guest countries, during 2017 and 2018. Nominees, shortlisted projects, finalist and winning proposals were presented in a way that reflects YTAA discussion and selection process, inviting visitors to know the jury criteria and draw their own conclusions.

The YTAA 2018 exhibition was shown in several occasions:

19.10.18 – 09.11.18
Madrid, ES
Madrid School of Architecture
Polytechnic University of Madrid

17.11.18 – 18.11.18
Chengdu, CN
Chengdu IFS Skylark Gallery

18.02.19 – 29.03.19
Málaga, ES
ETS Architecture
Malaga University

15.04.19 – 09.05.19
Winterthur, CH School of Architecture, Design and Civil Engineering
Zurich University of Applied Sciences and Arts

06.05.19 – 31.05.19
Neubrandenburg, DE
Department of Landscape Sciences and Geomatics
Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences

28.08.19 – 15.09.19
Zagreb, HR
Faculty of Architecture
University of Zagreb

01.10.19 – 30.10.19
Ljubljana, SI
Faculty of Architecture
University of Ljubljana

15.10.19 – 30.11.19
Prague, CZ
Faculty of Architecture
Czech Technical University

15.10.19 – 15.12.19
Sofia, BG
Department of Architecture
New Bulgarian University

15.10.19 – 17.01.20
Maribor, SI
Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Architecture
University of Maribor

YTAA 2018 Registered Schools

Jury 2018