Two YTAA 2020 exhibitions to open in Shanghai, China.

From 12th to 25th of July the YTAA 2020 Exhibition Asia & Europe will be on display in Shanghai at Tongji University.

Starting from July 17th and until the 25th the Exhibition will be available also at NEXTMIXING Space, in Shanghai. The opening event will be held at Salon: FLUCTUS, My graduation.

With the participation of: 

Jing Zhelu, ZEN Design;

Xu Xunjun, Supercloud Studio;

Liu Kenan, Atelier XÜK;

Zhuang Ziyu, BUZZ/Büro Ziyu Zhuang.

Co-organizer of Chinese activities: CAUP, SAC-ASC, JUANZONG BOOKS, NEXTMIXING, DON’T PANIC.

Promoters in China: Li Xiangning, Gao Changjun, Deng Yuanye, Tang Yu.