YTAA 2018 winner, Julio Gotor Valcarcel, wins a competition to build an intervention at Mao.

The opening of the architectural intervention “Layers of time” will take place the 20th June at 18.

As part of the exhibition “We’re Renovating!!!”, Matevž Čelik, director of Museum of Architecture and Design MAO and leader of the Future Architecture platform proposed a competition for an architectural intervention located in the courtyard of the museum.
Among the 10 proposals received by components of the Future Architecture 2019 Call for Ideas, the jury awarded Julio Gotor Valcarcel as winner.
His intervention called “Layers of Time” will be visible from 20th June to 20th October 2019.
For the inauguration of the intervention, on June 20th from 18.00, MAO will organize public discussion and will open the exhibition that will showcase all competition entries.